Mooc Water Spring - The gem springs of Mother Earth

mooc-water-spring.jpgThere is a wonderful gem hidden in the famous Phong Nha–Kẻ Bàng National Park in Quảng Bình Province. Nestled beneath the old forest’s foliage that covers the towering limestone mountain cliffs, there is a place the locals call Moọc Water Spring.

It is no exaggeration to say that it looks like a pure mysterious jade stone that embodies the living pulse of the forest regardless of the harsh weather, sun and wind that sweeps through the central parts of Vietnam every summer.


In the Vietnamese language Mooc means unknown and the spring was called Mooc Spring due to the little knowledge there is about its origin. The spring surfaces at the bottom of a karst cliff. Due to the huge amount of water that sometimes erupts from this area, researchers believe that this may be the next biggest cave system to be found in the world and that it could lead all the way to Laos. The cool water here has a unique blue colour and is incredibly fresh.


The hike takes you along the spring, on stone paths and bamboo bridges, through the orchid garden, where it eventually meets with the Chay river. It is a safe and relatively easy walk through the Park where visitors are encouraged to relax and swim in its pristine clear waters. If you are more of an adventurous type don’t hesitate to visit the Mooc Spring either, there is an adventurous bridge above the water that can be crossed, kayaking and much more fun!






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Photo: Hyun Tam

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