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Northern Myanmar

Northern Myanmar is a magical kingdom. The richness of plant and animal life, the topography, the tapestry of ethnic diversity are a wonder for all. Myanmar is the only country in the Southeast Asia region that can boast every variety of geographical zones : ice –clad mountains , semi-desert regions and thick dense tropical rain forest that come down to meet the white beaches fronting the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea. Here also is the source of the Ayerwaddy River. " Tamper, 27 miles north of Myitkyina is where the N'maihka and the Malikha rivers meet to form the Ayeyarwaddy River where the place called " Myitsone."

Myi Kyi Na


Myit Kyi Na is the capital of Kachin state in Myanmar. It is northern most railway terminal, 919 miles from Yangon. The most useful river in Myanmar, The River born in Myit Kyi Na. There is a place which two river meet 1325 miles from north to south of Myanmar. This is the beautiful place and the water over here is crystal clear. There are places not only to see the sources of river but also some colourful tribes are interesting to excurse. Different tribes of national races live in harmony with their own cultures, customs, dialects, dances and lifestyles. The glittering costumes with silver trinkets of the charming Kachin belles would be an enchanting sight. For souvenir the Kachin woolen bag with silver trinkets would be a memorable gift. The overland trade route to India and China and World War II supply line to China along the Ledo Road pass through Myitkyina. For mountaineering enthusiasts, expeditions to Mount Khaka Bo Razi and Mount Gam Lan Razi would be an adventure.

Myit Sone

At the edge of the town, by the banks of the Ayeyarwaddy, gold-painting and mining goes on relentlessly day and night. Abotu 25 miles to the north of the town, is some of Myanmar's most beautiful and important natural beauty spots, in the cradle of the Ayeyarwaddy, where Maykha and Malikha rivers meet, usually called the Myit-son. The panoramic view of the scenario at Myit Sone with the unspoiled beauty of nature is beyond the expression of words and will definitely be a fine attraction to tourists.

How To Get There

Myitkyina can be reached by road, rail, river and air. Domestic air ( Air Bagan can be operated as a schedule flight ). Myanmar Airway ( UB) can operate twice a week. You can reach there by train from Mandalay ( bumpy because of road condition). By car from Mandalay to Myitkyina via Bamaw . There is no road between Bamaw and you can take a local ferry from Bamaw to Myikyina .

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